All the usual great registration stuff.
Event Agencies like MCI Travel & Morrow Communications and Corporates
including BNP Paribas, CBRE and Bayer love it!


We are ex Event Planners and know what is needed and how to do it.

  • Easy to create events
  • Save and copy features
  • Brand registration forms to match your company branding
  • Set-up invoices and link to stripe payment
  • Create parent child questions
  • Regie logo nowhere to be seen! It’s your brand only!


Childishly simple and as flexible as you need.

  • Create cool and stylish invites
  • Resend invites to non-responders
  • Manage and communicate with delegates from central area
  • SMS messages to remind delegates they are attending


That fantastic feeling of knowing who’s who and what’s what

  • Add/Upload delegates at the touch of a button
  • Copy previous event registration fields
  • Store comments time stamped
  • Set-up multiple user accounts


OK the UK invented queuing but we have uninvented it.

  • Ultra fast check-in on ipads
  • Self check-in option with barcodes/qr
  • Individual bulk printing of pages


Yes that overused word ‘Networking’ but with Regie it works.

  • 1 to 1 match tool which allows delegate to delegate networking appointments
  • Organiser set-up and delegates request meetings with each other
  • No work for organiser – delegates self manage


How many, where, who and’re totally in control. 

  • Share reports in real-time
  • Email reports to business units daily
  • Data rich reports
  • Download excel/csv data