Host all your meetings on your own branded registration portal with embedded onsite Facial
Recognition check-in, Onsite Barcode/QR check-in software and our Meetings Manager tool. Great
for Corporates! 


Fast and simple, getting you up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

  • Easy event set-up
  • Create parent child registration fields
  • Multiple users can access events


Your first crucial point of contact with your delegates. Make sure you get it right!

  • Create stylish invites
  • Resend invites to non-responders
  • Manage and communicate with delegates from central area


That fantastic feeling of knowing who’s who and what’s what.

  • Add/Upload delegates at a touch of button
  • Copy previous event reg fields
  • Store time stamped comments
  • Set-up multiple user accounts


Yes, that overused word ‘Networking’ but with REGIEMATCH it works

  • Meetings Manager tool enables delegates to prioritse and request meetings with key business clients
  • Organizer can auto match these meetings move appointments through a drag and drop system to enable the best client experience


OK the UK invented queuing but we have uninvented it.

  • REGIEFACE - facial recognition check-in is 4 times quicker than Barcode/QR systems
  • Barcode/QR check-in option
  • Self-check-in
  • Printing of badges
  • Not only allows for fast entry to events, but also increases event security


How many, where, who and’re totally in control.

  • Share reports in real-time
  • Email reports to business units daily
  • Data rich reports
  • Download excel/csv data